St.Theresa Mission Hospital – Kiirua Funeral Home is located in a serene environment that is conducive for the bereaved as they prepare to lay their loved ones to rest. The following services are offered in the Funeral Home.

  • Cold Rooms for preservation of bodies.
  • Embalming services.
  • Postmortems.
  • Body preparation for burial.

Before a body is released from the Funeral Home, clearance is done at the Out Patient Department and a Permit issued in the Records Office.

The Funeral Home also receives bodies from other facilities for preservation. For external bodies brought from home, a letter from the area Chief or a Police OB is first issued before the body can be received for preservation. The death Permit is issued by the Chief for external bodies brought from home. For external bodies from other facilities we do not issue the Death Permit as well. However, a permit can be issued at our Funeral Home when a postmortem is conducted.