In the Hospital Strategic plan 2018-2022, the goal number 5 is, ‘To acquire  modern equipment and develop well planned infrastructure that is flexible for extension.’

Functional HMIS– The hospital has been able to acquire a functional HMIS (Sanitas by Fortis innovations;@fortiskenya )which has helped us improve service delivery, communication and database. It has helped in managing all aspects of our hospital’s operations such as medical, financial, & administrative. To our patients, it has helped in patient’s data security, Organizing doctor schedules, collating patient notes, handling payment is effortless, improved turn around time, easy patient tracking & follow up, maintaining order at all service points (at the Registration point, discharge desks, consultation rooms, pharmacy & laboratory)  by use of the Queuing system, etc. Generally, Sanitas has helped us in enhancing the overall health care experience in our hospital. This is helping us in achieving our goals and bringing us closer to achieving our Vision & Mission.

Oxygen Plant– With the increased attention to oxygen supply brought by Covid-19, the hospital with the support of our partners Trame Africane Onlus, also acquired a new 600litres Oxygen plant( From Fortec Medix Supplies Limited,@FortecMedix )  that provides patients with secure and constant source of pure oxygen that is readily available.
Critical Care Unit (ICU/HDU & Oncology Unit)– With the support of Trame Africane Onlus, The hospital now has a Critical care unit with a capacity of 5 ICU beds and 8 HDU beds. This has helped in enhancing quality healthcare offered to  our critically ill patients. All our Cancer patients will also get all the necessary care in the Oncology unit. Our qualified and committed staff in the critical care unit take pride in  loving and serving  the patients to the maximum because they now have the necessary equipment & enough space.
In all these milestones, we are grateful to God & to all our partners for the continued support.