As the Corona Virus (COVID – 19) continues to sweep across the world, various precautionary measures have been provided to help curb the spread of the pandemic.

With the reporting of the first Corona Virus case n Kenya, the St.Theresa Mission Hospital  – Kiirua management took upon itself to ensure that relevant measures have been put into place to fight the spread the pandemic.

In line with the Government of Kenya of directives to curb the spread of COVID – 19, the management has implemented various changes in the running of the hospital to ensure the safety of the staff, clients and all stakeholders that visit the institution.

The following measures have been put into place to ensure that there’s minimal risk of the spread of the infection.

COVID – 19 Screening

A Pre – Triage point has been set up where all the people coming to the hospital are screened for COVID – 19 before accessing the hospital. The screening entails checking the body temperature and taking the history on whether a person has had any of the symptoms of the disease that include Fever, Coughing/Sneezing, Sore throat and difficult breathing in the past two weeks. The travel history as well as finding out whether a person has been into contact with anybody from the high risk areas is checked to ascertain their health condition with regards to COVID – 19.

Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Additional Hand washing stations with soap and water and Hand Sanitizing points have been put up in the hospital to ensure that everyone getting into the hospital easily observes the hand washing and sanitizing precaution.

Cash Payment of Bills

The management has put measures in place to urge people to settle their hospital bills through the hospital PayBill No.488514 or through electronic modes of payment.

Social Distancing

Notices urging clients to maintain a 1 meter distance from each other as they wait to be served as well as frequent verbal reminders have been effected as precautionary measures.

Cancellation of Patient Visitation

Patient Visitation has been cancelled to control the risk of infection by contact and crowding. In light of the cancellation, the hospital will be contacting the patient’s Next of Kin where need be. The hospital has also provided cell phone numbers for various departments that one can call to make inquiries on the progress of their patients.

  • Matron/ Covering – 0703 726 321
  • Social Work Office – 0712 990 839
  • ICU/HDU – 0724 997 893
  • Maternity Ward – 0723 819 062
  • Surgical Ward – 0726 171 687
  • Medical Ward –  0726 171 641
  • Private Ward – 0726 171 669
  • New Born Unit – 0758 686 601
  • Pediatric Ward – 0769 032 920

The management urges everyone to adhere to the measures to help keep the Corona Virus Pandemic at bay.