As Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”……………………………………..Our first edition was in 2021, its when the story began. Did you get to read it? Well, If not, Please don’t miss out on this second edition “The celebration edition” its about our success stories from when the journey began Once upon a time in 1967 as narrated by our Hospital foundress, where she takes us down the memory lane and introduces us to a significant benefactor Trame Africane Onlus, a team that has achieved so much with so little………….to winning of awards  among other stories about us, what we do and what we plan to do in future.

“We know that the road is still long, satisfying everyone will not be possible, improvement is always in progress, unfortunately slowed down by the scarcity of financial means but the union and involvement that there is, in the staff of the whole hospital leads to trust and hope of always being able to give the best to our patients. I love you all with a deep thank you dear staff and patients” Sr. Maria Pia Hospital Foundress

Welcome and be prepared to be informed, entertained and educated…………….

Through this newsletter, ‘The Kiirua Pulse’, we have a way of  telling our stories & you are part of our story, so, We welcome your feedback about this edition & everyone with ideas in the form of articles, we shall incorporate them in the next edition.
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