The St. Theresa Mission Hospital  – Kiirua Haemodialysis Unit is one of the top centers in the Eastern Region. We take care of patients who suffer from End Stage Kidney Disease where dialysis services are paramount.

The Unit consists of ten Haemodialysis machines and ten standard beds. Our Unit operates 24/7. We also have Intensive Care Unit Haemodialysis Services that are always available.

For those patients with NHIF cover, they are able to access two dialysis sessions per week. We also accept a wide range of other medical covers.


  • Catheter insertion: The service is available for both permanent and temporary catheters.
  • Nephrology: The dialysis patients are reviewed by a Medical Officer daily while a Physician reviews them three days in a week. The patients are also reviewed by a Nephrologist once every three months. The reviews help keep a track of the patients health status hence facilitate the making of any changes in their treatment accordingly.
  • Renal Screening: The screening is done to help diagnose Kidney Disease at early stages when the symptoms do not appear.
  • Haemodialysis: The procedure is done to treat complex Kidney failure where waste substances present in the blood are eliminated through an external machine thus, helping a patient lead an active life.
  • Renal Nutritional Counseling: Our Nutritionist provides a diet plan for the Renal patients. The diet mainly restricts the intake of Proteins, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorous, certain Vitamins and Fluids. Strict adherence to the diet plan helps the patients manage the build up of waste products and fluids hence slowing down the progression of the disease.